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Gautier Majestic High Cabin Bed
Gautier high cabin bed with its ingenious storage solutions that provides a real taste of cabin life. It can sleep up to three sailors with the addition of the roller bed plus pull-out bed, also the steps to the crows nest can be fixed either on the left or right, whichever suits. A sturdy pull-out desk can also be fixed which doubles up as a handy working space, all these combinations are available to fit your particular requirements. Happy sailing!
Gautier Majestic Desk for High Bed
Slide-out desk option for high bed with a side cupboard for storing books and homework notes maybe.
Gautier Majestic Roller Bed
Majestic pull-out roller bed for under the Gautier Majestic High Bed, or to stand alone if preferred. Ideal for welcoming on board an extra shipmate for a night or two. 
Gautier Majestic Pull-out
Gautier Majestic Cabin Bed
Gautier Majestic Cabin Bed with two cupboards, two large drawers and sturdy retractable desk top. The ladder can be fitted either on the right or left depending on your preference. This is a high quality product, as is all Gautier products and they back that up with a 10 year guarantee.
Gautier Majestic Single Bed
Set sail with a Gautier Majestic single bed and let your mind roam free and your dreams become reality. Majestic offers a high quality yew finish and a subtle blend of features based on the ocean theme. This bed is available in both the normal single size of 190cm x 90cm and also 190cm x 120cm for those that need to stretch out a little more.
Gautier Majestic Three Door Wardrobe
Gautier Majestic wardrobe with three doors and two drawers which internally consists of 2/3 hanging space and 1/3 shelving. Great storage space for which there is additional shelving available if required. Dimensions;  W 153cms  H 206cms  D 62cms 
Gautier Majestic Two Door Wardrobe
Gautier Majestic two door wardrobe with one drawer. Half hanging space with the other half as shelving. Dimensions;  W 106cms  H 206cms  D 62cms
Gautier Majestic Bookcase
Gautier Majestic 'Sail Bookcase'
Gautier Majestic Tall Bookcase
Gautier Majestic Four Drawer Chest
Gautier Majestic Wide Desk
Gautier Majestic Desk
Gautier Majestic standard width desk with two drawers. Dimensions;   W 136cms  H 75cms  D 60cms
Gautier Majestic Two Drawer Unit
Two drawer chest on castors, handy storage that can move around the room at your convenience. Dimensions;  W 50cms  H 53cms  D 45cms
Gautier Majestic Mirror
Gautier Majestic Wall Shelf
Boat hull shaped wall shelf to give you that holiday feeling. Dimensions;  W 90cms  H 14cms  D 18cms
Gautier Folding Chair
Majestic is a world inspired by the sea, inviting you to travel and to dream. Capturing the essence of a holiday home, this collection will accompany young adults on a journey towards new horizons.