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Kids Mattresses

High Density Foam Mattress
The polyurethane foam used is of high density ensuring an orthopaedic feel and long life. It is finished in a high quality Damask fabric, and being of only 12cm depth, it is ideal for bunk beds, midsleepers, high sleepers etc.
Valencia Spring Mattress
This is an open coil orthopaedic spring single mattress specially designed for children, it more than passes the bounce test! It has a sumptuous layer of grade' A' polyester filling, finished in a quality hypo-allergic fabric. Hand tufted and available in two colours: Cream, Pink. Dimensions: 190cm x 90cm
Mayfair Open Coil Memory Mattress
The Mayfair is made up from an orthopaedic spring upon which there are sumptuous layers of grade A fillings and a layer of high density Memory foam.The Mayfair Visco elastic foam is typified by it's slow recovery after compression. The memory foam adapts to your body temperature which means the foam progressively conforms to the contours of the body and moulds to it providing optimum support and comfort.
Lisbon memory foam + foam
The Lisbon mattress has a 2 inch coverage  of visco elastic memory foam foam which adjusts to the temperature of the body and has an anti dust mite covering as well as being air conditioned which reduces body odours. The reverse side has a non slip damask cover. Dimensions: 90cm x 13cm x 190cm
Rome Memory Foam Single Mattress with zip cover
One of the best memory foam single mattresses to date! Made from high density polyurethane and exceptionally good high-density memory foam. The visco-elastic foam is renowned for it's ability to conform to the contours of the body. Reducing the pressure on key body points. It has a removable zip cover made of a double knit fabric, enabling the mattress to breathe, keeping it fresh and dry, eliminating dust mites and bacteria
Buckingham Aloe Vera Memory + Pocket Spring Mattress
The Buckingham Aloe Vera - Pocket memory Mattress is a luxurious mattress made up of 1500 pocket units with high density memory foam and finished with a Aloe Vera fabric with proven qualities to help stimulate the feeling of well being and rejuvenation
Choosing a mattress is an important part of the bed buying process. We have a range of mattresses to suit all budgets.