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Junior World is proud to be one of the UK’s largest stockist and distributor of this leading range of furniture tailor made for children. From one single bed you can add to it to create a midsleeper, bunk beds,semi high sleeper,'L' shaped bunks, high sleeper. All Flexa furniture is made from top quality Scandinavian Pine.

The unique design of the FLEXA system creates an infinite number of possibilities to rebuild and add on. This feature has made FLEXA one of the world's most popular brands in children's furniture,as it follows your child's growth, and provides a sturdy framework for your child's development up to the Teenage years.Lots of accessories,i.e. cushions, curtains, play tents, chairs ,towers, caves can be purchased to make your child's bedroom an exciting place to be! This product is available from our Coventry store to Chelmsfor

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With a single bed as the basic element in the system, you can change the bed to suit the age of the child, the number of children and the amount of space available in the room. A good basic single bed can be transformed in next to no time into a high sleeper, a bunk bed, a box bed or a play area. It’s one bed with 1001 possibilities!